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Fieldoo is a Swiss sports talent recruiting platform with an initial focus on football/soccer. Fieldoo connects players with intermediaries, scouts and clubs regarding team vacancies, trials, and camps. With more than 350,000 users, in 170+ countries, Fieldoo is a market leader in digital sports talent recruiting.

We Go Public



Start of 25% IBO Discount


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Fieldoo is Going Public!

We are excited to announce, Fieldoo going public on the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE). Fieldoo is the first technology company to list on the HYBSE. The Fieldoo IBO discount period for Fieldoo share purchases starts on November 11, 2019. All registered users will then get preferential access to Fieldoo shares in three discount periods. During these periods registered users can buy Fieldoo shares for the following discounts: 25% (Period 1), 15% (Period 2), 10% (Period 3). On December 16, 2019, the discounts are over and Fieldoo shares will be traded live on the HYBSE.

Register now. Fieldoo will then make sure that your personal trading account is made available for you before the start of the first discount period.




25% Discount IBO Period 1: November 11 - November 24

15% Discount IBO Period 2: November 25 - December 8

10% Discount IBO Period 3: December 9 - December 15

HYBSE Live Trading Starting: December 16

  • 24 hour trading, 7 days a week
  • Micro-size trading possible
  • Direct trading execution with no intermediary
  • Simple process to open a personal trading account

Listing on

Hybrid Stock Exchange

Trade your Fieldoo shares in real-time on the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) and be a stakeholder in our success. Fieldoo shares will be available to trade 24/7, providing shareholders with ongoing liquidity and the ability to take advantage of changes in this dynamic sector. is an online sports marketplace that creates offline opportunities and events. With an initial focus on football/soccer, Fieldoo connects players with intermediaries, scouts and clubs regarding vacancies in clubs, trials, camps and other upcoming opportunities.

Digitally Connecting Players, Scouts and Clubs

The Fieldoo IBO gives anyone the opportunity to take part in the disruption of the lucrative sports recruitment process. Becoming a Fieldoo shareholder gives you preferential access to up and coming sports stars from around the world and to the sports industry.

350,000 + Trusted Users 170+ Countries

About Fieldoo

Fieldoo is a Swiss based company that is changing the recruitment process of sports athletes through, a sports online marketplace. With an initial focus on football/soccer, Fieldoo connects players with intermediaries, scouts and clubs. Fieldoo finds opportunities for its users regarding vacancies in clubs, trials, camps and other upcoming opportunities for players. With Fieldoo's online contract and transfer system, athletes' talent and skills is once again becoming the prevailing recruitment criteria. With more than 350,000 users, from 170+ countries, Fieldoo is disrupting the market of talent discovery, aiming to become a multi-million user marketplace in the next 24 months.

Find or Be Found.

Why Fieldoo?

With 350,000+ registered players, intermediaries and clubs, from 170+ countries, provides a leading sports marketplace that generates revenue in a revolutionary fashion. Fieldoo aims to bring a digital revolution to talent recruiting in sports.


Fieldoo disrupts one of the most popular and fastest growing industries - sports. Fieldoo has started successfully in the football/soccer industry, and plans on expanding into other sports, such as basketball, hockey and cricket.

Market Leader / 350,000+ Users

Disrupting the Sports Industry


Fieldoo is changing the way players are recruited and transferred. Fieldoo gives the power back to the players and their talent. The Fieldoo business model is set up as a unique hybrid online/offline model, where both parts work as a revenue generator and, at the same time, as a user acquisition channel.

Sports is one of the biggest industries. It is part of everyday life. Because of the “hero effect,” the sports industry is recession-proof. Even in the hardest economic downturns, the sports industry has continued to grow and it has been enjoying prolific growth over the last decade.

Trendsetter / Online & Offline

Sports Industry / Recession-Proof



Fieldoo team members are experts in sports, business development, marketing and finance with an international experience as true connoisseurs of the sport business. In sports, a team always wins.

Sports is a universal language. Sports talent recruitment problems are the same in the United States, China and Germany. Fieldoo has a global presence to discover new prospects and connect talent globally.

Team of Sports Experts

Europe / USA / China / Africa



Meet Our Team

Klemen Hosta

CEO and Co-Founder

Andraž Škorič

CTO and Co-Founder

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Philippe Strittmatter

Def Jam Recordings

Roc Nation

Virginia Salas Kastilio



Aashish Khanna

Strategic Advisor

Hendrik Klein

Business Development & Football Operations Expert

Fidelio Vaz

Hybrid Stock Exchange

Listing Exchange

Da Vinci Capital Partners

Listing Sponsor

Blackbull Equities

Listing / IBO Advisor


IBO Processing


Key Milestones


Network for football players created and tested in 4 European countries

Within 6 months users from 70+ countries

Voted European early-stage startup of the year by VentureVillage (GER)

Fieldoo Challenge and cooperation with top European football agency

100,000 Users

Agents solution implemented

Winners of regional startup competition in CEE

Strategic partnership with Anglian Football



150,000 Users / 165 countries

Club recruitment solution

Starting to work with 10 football clubs


200,000 Users

Creation of Fieldoo offline events

Test trial in Croatia

Cooperation with Spanish Primer Division club


250,000 Users

Fieldoo marketplace is created

Training compensation Calculator

Clubs from USA and Asia join platform


Swiss company and moving HQ to Zurich

350,000+ Users / 170+ countries

160,000+ contacts established

5,000 success stories

7 successful trials

New Fieldoo 2.0 Release

Selected for the exclusive organisation of the biggest youth tournament in the world

Automatic transfer system project started, w/ CEO as a speaker, special invitees on Chinese sport expo


300,000 Users

5 Fieldoo events in top European football markets

Performance based mechanism implemented


Fieldoo is the first sports company to list on the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE)


Fieldoo AG

Nüschelerstrasse 45

8001 Zürich


We Go Public



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Start of 25% IBO Discount

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•Ex-football professional in Sporting Lisboa FC

•Business consultant in various sales of football clubs around the World Business

•Director of high fashion brand in London

Having first-hand experience as a football player as well as managing various business roles with clubs and companies, Fidelio is a football operations expert. He is also responsible for business development and marketing aspects in the business. After the end of his football career (ex-football professional of Sporting FC), he got a business degree and worked mainly in the fashion industry to help build brands. He managed a high fashion brand in London, managing more than 300 people in the process.

•Successful Event driven hedge fund director

•Owner of one of the biggest football apparel online store

•Current clients include the names of Manchester United

Expert in Investment and Head Portfolio Manager since 2004 at Da Vinci Invest AG; an independent asset manager, based in Zurich, Switzerland, which runs their own successful Event Driven hedge fund as well. Hendrik takes care of the corporate strategizing and investor relations management. He started his career as a derivatives trader at MTH Midas Trading House from 1996 to 1997. He subsequently held trading and brokerage positions at Fimat International Banque S.A. (1997) and Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (1998 to 2000), before becoming the Head of Trading and a director and partner of Frohne & Klein Wertpapierhandelshaus GmbH in 2000. He held this position until 2004, during which time he specialised in listed options trading on EUREX. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Mittweida.

•General Director of Swiss Football Agents Association

•FIFA licensed agent

•Partner in Footuro AG, A Zurich based football agency

Philippe is responsible for the financial overview, risk manage- ment, growth strategizing and revenue management. Graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a degree in business administration and received his master’s degree at the University of Zurich. Currently, he is the managing director at a wealth management and trading company. Received the FIFA agent accreditation and completed the CAS from International Sport Organization at the University of Zurich in collaboration with FIFA. He is the present director of the Swiss Football Agents Association and has recently become a partner at Footuro AG, a Zurich-based football agency. In addition, he has helped various startups gain a foothold in the market. Educational Programs in Football. 

•Development experience in various top projects in sports betting industry

•Successful in building and leading medium sized and large dev teams

Andraž holds 18+ years of experience in software development and is responsible for data-driven product development and management in Fieldoo. Andraž has worked on large scale projects, from developing an online national lotto system to national security agency systems. He is experienced in project management, software development, software architecture, IT consultancy and integrates new technology into projects.

•Startup experience & sports business driven

•Ex Investment portfolio and finance manager in large company

Owing to his diverse experience Klemen is a key decision maker, deciding the way forward for Fieldoo by taking calculated risk. He holds experience in project management, IT and business development. He is an economics graduate and holds a master’s degree in International Law and European Studies from the University of Barcelona. A big sports fan and football connoisseur, he was also a national level junior champion and member of the Slovenian national team of table tennis. Sports provided him with discipline and life ethics, and even today sport plays a major role in his life.

•Proclaimed sports consultant

•Ex business director of a World leading sports brand

•Ex-football international

Owing to organizing and managing a wide array of sporting events and properties based throughout Europe and South Asia, Aashish is the sports Consultant involved in Concepts, Management and Execution & Kitting of Sports Events, Clubs, Academies and Tournaments both national & international besides handling merchandising, Sourcing & Institutional sales channel for both branded and non-branded products. He has played amateur football with many clubs in India as well as Europe and is also involved with Grassroots Development & Educational Programs in Football.